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AFGHANISTAN (Kabul) :   Dwarkadas Kalyanji
Established in 1952 September
We ceased a physical presence since 1989 when anarchy broke out. We have not returned since. In 2004 we formally ceased operations in Afghanistan.

Dwarkadas Kalyanji
Building No. 11
1 Jade Maiwand
Kabul, Afghanistan

Tel : 21915, 23219
Tlx : 271 AMANAT AF
Cable : LUNA

Items of Trade :

Page'Up® : Stands your paper up providing ergonomic comfort.
Smart'In® : All the benefits of the Page'Up® in a small light weight design for people on the move.
Page'Pal® : Transforms every sheet of paper into a vertical rigid document.
Mobigrip® : The original Cellular Leash - Mobile Phone Grip Assist - Let your phone Hold You!!
D'Stand® : The Designer Stand that comfortably Holds all your mobile devices.
Bottloop® : The most Advanced Pet-Bottle Holder in the world.

We also deal in Designer Furniture manufactured in Europe, China and South east Asia and Home Accessories and lighting products for a modern contemporary lifestyle.

Family Office :
Besides its role as a trading office part of the function of the HK Branch is to act as wealth managers for the family and functions as the finance headquarters and operates as a family office. We also have a real estate portfolio for rental yield and capital growth.

Major Bankers :
HSBC Bank Hong Kong.

Associates :
Page'Up International
Simply Smart Things

Websites :