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AFGHANISTAN (Kabul) :   Dwarkadas Kalyanji
Established in 1952 September

Dwarkadas Kalyanji
Building No. 11
1 Jade Maiwand
Kabul, Afghanistan

Tel : 21915, 23219
Tlx : 271 AMANAT AF
Cable : LUNA

Items of Trade :
Sundries, general trade, truck tyers, tea, synthetic yarns PTY, LDP, HDP papers, craft-writing, printing & news print papers, toilet papers,(Specialise in Govt Tenders) Edible oils, ghee, milk powder, toilet & laundry soaps, cosmetics, household equipment, crockery, cutlery, jute bags, sugar & cement bags, fertilizer LPP bags, agricultural equipment, diesel engines, water-pumps and generators etc.

Major Links :
Afghan Cart, Afghan Chambers of Commerce,
Government Printing House

Major Bankers :
Pashtany Tejaraty Bank

Associates :
Amanat Ltd

Industry :
Afghan Everest Packing Industries Ltd

Manufacture :
Corrugated Carton boxes

Labor Force :
100 Full-Time Workers
10 Managerial Staff