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H.K. Kanji When we established our first offices in Bombay and Kabul in 1952, our aim was to consolidate a family tradition of over three generations of merchants. In 40 years, The Raj Group of Companies has expanded and diversified to reach the corners of the globe.

Our success can be attributed to a commitment of 'treating our customers as partners'. Whilst we see ourselves as a close-knit family concern, we value quick co-ordinated operation between our office associates and partners in this tradition, we consider first the interest of others; that by satisfying the needs of our customers, offering quality services with professionalism, only then do we realize our own needs.

With the second generation of the family gearing up to take over the helm, I am assured that they will continue to keep the Group's businesses thriving and enter confidently into the next lap with the same spirit and determination that the pioneers of the company started.

I would like to show my appreciation to our loyal clients, business associates and friends who have supported us through the years, dedicated staff of The Raj Group who have grown the company internationally, and all family members who have put in heart and soul into the business.

H.K. Kanji
Raj Group of Companies