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DUBAI :   Meghna General Trading Company L.L.C.
Established in 1991

Meghna General Trading Co. LLC.
P.O. Box 51716
Office 417
Gargash Centra
Deira - Dubai
Tel. : 9714 - 2220 299
Fax. : 9714 - 2220 219

E-mail : meghna@emirates.net.ae

Items of Trade :
Branded and Unbranded Electronics
Bicycles (Chinese Origin)
Sewing Machines (Chinese Origin)
Black Tea (Chinese Origin)
Green Tea (Chinese Origin)
Dry Cell Batteries (Chinese Origin)
Laundry Soap (Indonesian Origin)
Spices (Indian Origin)
Vegetable Ghee (Singapore/Malaysia Origin)
Vegetable Cooking Oil (Singapore/Malaysia Origin)
Corn Cooking Oil (Singapore/Malaysia Origin)
Sunflower Oil (Singapore/Malaysia Origin)
Loose and Packet Tea (Indian Origin)
Rice (Indian Origin)
MRF Brand Truck Tyres - (Indian Origin)
DUNLOP Brand Truck Tyres (Indian Origin)
Textiles (Japan/S. Korea Origin)

Key Words :
Electronics, Turmeric Finger, Pulses, Tyres, Black Pepper, Vegetable Ghee, Cooking Oil, Bicycles, Sewing Machines, Rice, Spices, Batteries, Tea, Soap, Licorice Roots, TV, VCR, VCP, Answering Machine, RCR, Telephones, Mobile Phones, Fax, Radios, Washing Machine, Black Tea, Green Tea, Packet Tea, Kidney Beans, Milk Powder, Scarfs, Textiles.

Foodstuff Items :
Vegetable Ghee, Vegetable Cooking Oil, Sunflower Oil, Corn Cooking Oil, Milk Powder, Tomato Paste (made in Italy), Rice - (India, Thailand, Vietnam), Turmeric Finger, Black Pepper, Tamarind and Cassia.

Major Links :
MRF Ltd Madras, India
State Trading Corporation of India
Mineral & Metal Trading of India
Tea Trading Corporation of India

Major Bankers :
The British Bank of the Middle East
Emirates Bank International Ltd