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Page Up

Page'Up is an exceptional advertising medium. The essential qualities looked for by the advertiser, new useful, simple are surpassed by the obvious advantages of Page'Up.

Page'Up is a functional desk management tool. Simply place Page'Up on a desk and it remain there. Page'Up is a medium which isn't put away. The text or the logo printed on the Page'Up is always in front of the user and reminds them of the advertiser's existence with the optimal daily frequency.

Page'Up is a formidable medium. Conceived for durability not disposable, not rechargeable. Page'Up will work silently for years giving the advertiser unsurpassed longevity.

The exciting concept of Page'Up is ideal for both the office and home environment. Our professional personnel will be pleased to assist in the planning of a campaign and can greatly reduce the risk of duplistic competition.

Interform - Working In Partnership For The Achievement Of Excellence In All Pursuits

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Page'Up as a Concept

Page'Up, a new product ? More than that : a new concept !

Page Up

  • The Paper Clip, the Stapler, the Ball Pen, The Post-It have a single thing in commondenominator. By introducing new functions they have transformed daily life. They are in essence a CONCEPT. Each device raised a new concept and each product is existing in today's market place under many different guises.
  • The concept Page'Up embodies all the necessary requirements. Simple, practical, constantly useful and bringing a new solution to everyday tasks. Instantaneously adopted by potential users, these new concepts have created new needs, new products, new markets.
  • The Concept "Page'Up" allows now every paper document to stand vertically and rigidly in front of the user.

Whatever the paper is - Facsimile or cardboard
Whatever the paper size - Business card or architect plan
Whatever the document - Copy Texting or message
Whatever the Place - Office or home
Page'Up offers a new comfort to the user by improving the visualisation of documents and by leaving more spaceon the working surface.

Page'Up : The Product

  • Page'Up has a simple design. However, the design is harmonious with the usage requirement. Page'Up allows every paper document to stand verticaly and rigid in front of the user.
  • Page'Up is filled with iron filings and fitted with anti slip "toe-points".
  • Manufactured in ABS with a variety of colours available. Very soon, Page'Up will be available in different materials and even more colours.
  • Page'Up is used "intuitively" and instantly. One second is enough to insert the sheet or to take it out. There are no complicated procedures. Page'Up leaves the document intact, without prints or marks. It can hold up to 15 sheets of paper (80gr), but the simplest facsimile is kept steady.
  • Page'Up takes up no space. It can be put everywhere free of any stand. No need to stick it near the computer screen, nor fix it on the desk. Page'Up is moved easily and puts the document just in front of the user wherever it is used.
  • Page'Up will be a necessity, you will use it daily for years.

Page'Up : The Uses

Applications of Page'Up are numerous. Page'Up concerns all paper document users, whoever they are.

In the office :

  • In the Professional area, Page'Up fits naruraly on the desk.
  • When Keyboarding, Page'Up will easily replace the traditional copy holders for A3 and A4 sizes in vertical or even horizontal positions. Moreover, its small dimensions allow you to stand several sheets of necessary documents, comfortably in front of you.
  • Far from the screen, Page'Up is also as efficient as on a desk, enabling effortless referring to price lists, timetables, the new telephone number systems, list of colleagues, tables of documentation and technical information, all of course, with great mobility.
  • Page'Up is perfect to underline the presence of an important document. As soon as a sheet of paper is inserted into Page'Up, it stands out visibly thanks to its vertical position. A vital message, a letter to be answered immediately, the daily task list....Any document placed in a Page'Up is constantly noticed.

For Shopkeepers :

  • Page'Up is an effective display object. Page'Up can be situated in strategically advantageous positions to ensure that the information appears clearly in front of the client. Page'Up can hold magazines, coloured documentation, technical information, price lists, special offers and all can be moved and replaced with minimum effort.

At School :

  • Most school boys and girls apply themselves on small working surfaces. A text to study, a written test, projects, etc., etc.Page'Up works harmoniously. Useful Practical Design
  • A book and an exercise book are open together and the pencil case falls to the floor ! Some centimenters more in the width and the length of the desk could comfortably hold them all. Page'Up has been designed to be very useful for them. A text to study, a written test, projects to do ? Page'Up frees some space and betters our dear children's comfort.
  • At Junior School, High School and even lecture halls, the available space for pupils and students is always insufficient and entirely justifies the use of Page'Up.

Page Up

At Home :

  • Page'Up emphasises a photograph or a childs drawing without the need of a frame.
  • The shopping lists and all important messages.
  • Page'Up is also very practical for recipes. The "Cordon-bleu" cook gets more space to spread the pastry, and the recipe becomes easier to read and less likely to be stained by any stray ingredients.
  • For the children when doing homework at night, Page'Up brings more comfort and more space too.

And More :

  • For musicians, Page'Up becomes a music stand and accepts all score sizes.
  • When fixed in a car Page'Up is ideal for appointment sheets, addresses, directions and reminders.
  • In restaurants, Page'Up presents elegantly table menu's, wine lists, deserts of the day, forthcoming events... the uses for Page'Up are endless.

Page'Up : As a Medium

  • Page'Up is an exceptional advertising medium, The essential qualities looked forward by the advertiser, new useful, simple and surpassed by the obvious advantage of Page'Up.
  • First of all when Page'Up is put on a desk, it remains there. Page'Up is a Medium which isn't put away. The user may need it at any moment, it's small dimensions mean that it is never a nuisance and even unused the nice design makes it a pleasent companion.
  • The text or the Logo printed on the Page'Up is always in front of the user and reminds them of the advertiser's existence with the optimal daily frequency.
  • Page'Up is a formidable medium. Concieved for durability not disposable, not rechargeable. Page'Up is a discreate (unobtrusive) medium but very effecient and will work silently for years giving the advertiser unsurpassed longevity.
  • The combining of these different factors transforms the purchase pf this advertising medium into a real investment.
  • Furthermore today's Page'Up is unknown to the public. The advertisers who wish to be different from their competitors in an origanal, strong and lasting way, Page'Up is the answer.
  • Products being a concept at such a scale as Page'Up are only created every 10 or 15 years. The moment is so far completely favourable and the medium perfect. For the advertisers who wish to be different from their competitors in an original, strong and lasting way, Page'Up is their answer.

Page'Up... Stands your paper UP!

  • Page'Up is a brand new desk accessory. It stands vertically and rigidly every document in front of you (whatever the paper is, whatever its size).
  • Page'Up offers a new comfort to the user, by improving the visualisation of documents and by saving more space on the working surface.
  • Page'Up, French innovation, is manufactured in France and has already sold by millions of pieces in more than 42 countries all over the world, and has received number of international awards everywhere, from Japan to europe or the United States of America.
  • Page'Up is a registered trademark, exclusive property of Page'Up sca.
  • Page'Up, French innovation, is manufactured in France, protected (model, mark and patent) all over the world.

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Page'Up Awards

Best Business Gift Awarded To Page'Up

Design Plus
Desk Accessory
International Stationary Show
Jan 99
Best Sales Promotion Product
Promotional Item
Incentive Premium Show
Promotional Item Show
Oct 98
Best European Invention
World's Largest Invention Show
May 98
Gold Medal
Promotional Item
World's Largest Invention Show
May 98
Silver Medal
Desk Accessory
World's Largest Invention Show
May 98
Best European Product
Promotional Item
International Promotional Item Show
Apr 98
Bronze Medal
Invention Show
Oct 97
Gold Medal
Concours Lepine
Invention Show
May 97
Desk Accessory
International Stationary Show
Feb 97
Press Trophy
Promotional Item
Cadeau & Enterprise
Promotional Item Show
Feb 97

International Awards Internationaly Acclaimed and winner of best business Gift of 1998, Page'Up is now available in 42 countries around the world. If you act fast, you can secure the opportunity to sell this award winning product for your market.

For Page'Up Business Gift's we can offer guidance on market place, how to attract orders, how to place orders and how to promote repeat business. Our aim is to enable the dealer to Professionaly open new areas of supply to his existing customer.

The Design Plus 1999 Award, Preamiere Frankfurt

This year's prize has re-enforced the manufacturer's claims of being the "World's Smartest Copy Hilder". The Design Plus prize - awarded annually in the framework of the Paperworld International Fair (Frankfurt) - is a distinction for particualrly innovative design, i.e. For products that take a new approach in design or are harmonious to everyday tasks.

Page'Up is truly innovative, the inventor Etienne Dill (Paris) has succeeded in designing a simple, practical and functional tool bringing a new solution to everyday tasks. In short Page'Up transforms daily life!

Page'Up can be used in all ares of life; In the Offices - as a document holder that is ideal for copytexting, At Home - for holding recipes, homework, messages. At School, Car, Aeroplane, Train, almost anywhere and at any time.

Page'Up attributes are numerous;

The most mentioned by millions of users world-wide are;

  • Space Saving - measures only 5cm in diameter can clear space upto 1metre
  • Improves Visualisation of all documents - creating comfort and reducing clerical errors.
  • Ease Of Use - No need for training!!
Page'Up International's Jignesh Raj says "This award is a true testimony of the bussiness winning merits of Page'Up. Dealers throughout the world are already benefiting from this remarkable product".

They Choose Page'Up to Communicate

General Industries

Cl Bouygues, Canon, Carbone Lorraine, Compagine Generale Des Eaux (groupe vivendi), Elf, Groupe Lyonnaise - Suez, Kodak, Lafarge Aluminates, Ricoh Schlumberger, Saint, Gobain Schindler Scholtes, Steelcase - Strafor Thomson Csf, Thyssen, Toshiba, Usinor Whirlpool...

Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries

Bayer, Ciba, Dow-agro Sciences, Elf Atochem, Gibaud, Novartis, Rhone-poulenc Roher Roche, Yves Rocher Wyeth Lederle, 3m...

Food Industries

Cargill, Coca-cola, Felix (spillers petfoods), Lesaffre, Lu (danone), Poulain (cadburry), Salins, Thonon...

Computer Companies

Apple, Ibm, Hewlett Packard...

Freight Companies

Aerospatiale, Air France Industries, Lufthansa, Dassault...
France Express, Groupe Henner, La Poste, Maersk, Telemarket, TNT...

Car Industries

Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Mercedes, Opel, Peugeout, Renault...
Good-year Michelin, Pirelli...

Telecommunications Companies

France Telephone, Ina, I.Yonnaise Cable, Rmc, France Telecom, Itineris, Afp, Emap, Hachette, Fnac, Virgin, Matra, Nokia, Motorola, Panasonic...

Insurance And Bank Companies

Banque Populaire Bnp, Bourse De Paris, Caisse D'epargne, Caiss Des Depots Et Consignations, Cofacredit, Credit Agricole, Credit Mutuel, Groupe Natexis, Mutelles Du Mans...

Tourist Industries

Best Western, Holiday Inn, Novotel, Casino Evian, Claridge Champs-Elysees, Tour Eiffel...

Public Organisation

Insee, Ipsn, Ministere De L'emploi Et De La Solidarite, Ministere De La Defense, Cea ...
conseil general picardie, chambery...


Sciences Po, Universite De Compiegne...


Apple Expo Salon Nautique, Salon Du Livre, Oscars Popai Award, Impex

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